"My life has always
been about food.
It’s an obsession."

I’m passionate about creating amazing food but it’s more than that. It’s a desire to make people happy.

I get a real kick out of seeing that ‘love-at-first-bite’ look people get when they first taste my food. And I love the way food can start conversations between complete strangers and before you know it, the whole room is buzzing. Or when people flick their eyes around a crowd, searching for that next black apron to come their way. That’s the stuff that makes me want to cook. That’s why I do it.

Scott Dowling was born and raised in the Central West region. In 1985 he left his home town of Manildra, travelling to Switzerland where he trained in hotel management and hospitality, taking up positions with hotel chains such as the Hyatt, here and overseas. Over the past 22 years, Scott has owned and operated several restaurants and cafes in Australia.
The Black Apron & Associates brings to life his many years of experience through contemporary casual cuisine made from high-quality seasonal and local produce.